San Juan School


Welcome to the Library!

We are proud of our school library and we welcome students and parents to read together for school work, enjoyment, research, and more.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

Click on to look up a book's AR reading level and point value.


Million Word Challenge

The Million Word Challenge is on again this year!  Students are encouraged to push themselves and reach for their grade level goal and beyond:


1,000,000 words for 6th-8th graders

800,000 words for 5th graders

500,000 words for 4th graders

400,000 words for 3rd graders

90,000 words for 2nd graders


Kinder and 1st grade goals determined by their teaches.

Dual Immersion students word counts include Spanish and English books.

Reading Levels

All books in the school library and most books in the teacher's classrooms are colored coded for the different reading levels:


0.1-0.9 kindergarten green


1.1-1.9 green

2.0-2.9 yellow

3.0-3.9 red

4.0-4.9 blue

5.0-5.9 red/orange

6.0-6.9 tan

7.0-7.9 white

8.0-8.9 star


Spanish books have the same colored stickers and are in the Spanish section.  Ask your child what is their reading level so that they are not reading books that are too low or too high.  Students are encouraged to take an AR quiz after they have read their book to test their reading comprehension.