San Juan School

Dual Language Immersion Program

San Juan School offers a 90/10 program for Kinder-5th grade.

Dual Language Immersion is a unique academic program that teaches native Spanish speakers and native English speakers together in one classroom.  They learn to think, read, write, and speak in both English and Spanish.  They learn side by side and help each other in the new language.  The students learn Spanish and English while learning the same regular grade level Common Core topics as a traditional English only classroom.


In Kindergarten, 90% of the classroom instruction is in Spanish and 10% is in English.
90/10 Model for language instruction

In First grade, 90% is in Spanish and 10% is in English.

In Second grade, 80% is in Spanish and 20% is in English.

In Third grade, 70% is in Spanish and 30% is in English.

In Fourth grade, 60% is in Spanish and 40% is in English.
In Fifth grade, 50% is in Spanish and 50% is in English.


Please see our brochure for more information. DI Brochure English rev June 2015.pdf


5th grade students who successfully finish the program are eligible to apply for the District's 8th Grade Seal of Biliteracy Program



"Our brains are hard-wired to be bilingual ...bilingualism is an advantage to both the individual and to society", Dr. Kim Potowksi

We need volunteers!

The Dual Language Immersion Program requires a minimum of 10 hours of volunteering per family every school year. 

Click here for the Volunteer Form.                  DLIP Volunteer Form.pdf


Advanced Spanish Club

This new club is for DI graduates and advanced Spanish speakers in 6th-8th grades. We will start meeting on January 19, 2016 and meet every Tuesday from 3-5 p.m. for 12 weeks.  This club will meet for activities, projects, conversation, writing, and more, all in Spanish.  It will also help students who are in the Seal of Biliteracy Program.