San Juan School

How to Volunteer

We need parents to volunteer to help in the parking lots.

Home and School Club has a parking event fundraiser on August 9th.  We need parents to volunteer to help in the parking lots.  It's a great and easy way to get money for the kids that is out of the school's normal budget. 

Sunday, August 9th

at the school's parking lot

If you have a couple hours, please contact the school or if you  have any questions at 623-4538

Do you have 30 minutes a week to make a difference in YOUR child's education?

There are many opportunities at San Juan School for parents/guardians to get involved.

By volunteering, you not only help your own child to succeed, but you help other children as well. Volunteering helps your child see that you value their efforts at school, respect the teachers and staff’s time and are committed to their education. Please stop by the office to sign the volunteer sheets each time you visit our school.

Language is not a barrier to volunteering, it is an asset. Any time that you are able to dedicate to our school is greatly appreciated! Bring a friend!

Please check all the opportunities you are able to help with this school year:

  • Classroom: Help the teacher during the school day.

Make copies, set up art, science projects, sharpen pencils, clean desks, organize homework, practice skills with students, read to/with students, chaperone fieldtrips

  • Library:

Shelve and repair books.

Read to students in lower grades in English or Spanish.

Sit and listen to students read to you in English or Spanish.

  • School Newsletter:

Help edit, photocopy and distribute School Newsletter & Calendar (Once a month)

  • Room Parent:

Provide support to parents.

Coordinate and monitor volunteer hours.

Provide information for DI/classroom newsletter.Facilitate communication with other parents in class.

  • Volunteer from home:

Corrections, stapling, filing, sorting, folding, cutting, etc. All necessary tools will be provided. Can be sent home with student.

  • Community Events:

Help plan cinco de mayo festival

Any other upcoming events

  • Enrichment/After School Activities:

Book Club, Games

Provide Spanish magazines and newspaper

DI Student Newsletter

  • Grants & Fundraising:

Apply for grants to benefit our students

Help Home & School Club coordinate fundraising opportunities

  • Campus Volunteer:

Campus supervision during recess and lunch

Cafeteria supervision during lunch

  • Cultural Arts & Entertainment:

Music, Folkdance, Dance

Poetry, Theater Arts

  • Marquee update:

Update marquee on a weekly basis

(can be shared with other parents)

  • School Garden:

Help keep weeds & gophers down

Help maintain garden for students

  • Media representative:

Take pictures of school events to update school website (permission from each parent will be required)

  • Community representative:

Gather resources and donations for our school

Advertise school events within our community

to promote involvement in our school

  • Committee Member (monthly):

Home & School Club (1st Monday)

Dual Immersion Parent Group(1st Tuesday)

School Site Council(3rd Tuesday)

E.L.A.C(4th Thursday)

  • School Clean-Up Days

Bring your friends, tools and gloves!

  • Other:

Did we forget anything? ALL ideas welcome!

You hold the key to your child’s success! 

Home and School Club:                 Contact Sandra Ruiz

Yard Volunteers:                              Contact the Principal

Library Volunteers:                         Contact the school librarian

Classroom Volunteers:                  Contact your child’s teacher

Hand in Hand - together we Can (Newsletter)